Whats the harm astrology

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The basic premise of astrology is that people who were born at certain times and places share distinguishing personality characteristics. Libras, for example, are said to be diplomatic, refined, idealistic, and sociable; Capricorns are responsible, disciplined, hard-working, demanding, and so on. Tens of millions of people know something about their sun signs and read their daily horoscopes. There are some interesting parallels between racism and astrology. For one thing, in both cases a person is being judged by factors beyond their control.

How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart

Just as a person has no control over his or her race or skin color, they also have no control over when and where they were born. But there are not so many positive ways of it except for its beautiful lies people want to believe so desperately.

David Piscitelli

And the negative ways of it can be seen on people who are believing it in an assertive manner. These type of situations are some of the biggest characteristic flaws people can have. For example, just because someone has a different type of a horoscope that says it is not a good idea to have friends with people with mismatching zodiac sign, some people suddenly think they will not get along with each other and choose not to be friends with them. The common problem in these situations is that they have all negative effects on people instead of what it should have been.

They miss the opportunities of their lives that could be very beneficial to them and it makes people prejudice one another.

I can expect this particular sort of behavior or trait stubbornness, laziness, arrogance, etc. In both cases, the prejudices will cause people to seek out and confirm their expectations. If you cannot think clearly, you cannot function as a human being.

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I cannot stress this enough. Uncritical thinking is tearing this world to pieces, and while astrology may not be at the heart of that, it has its role.

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It can be assumed that it is an another example of a characteristic flaw in people that is caused by astrology since it has a bad influence on people that can prevent them from thinking critically. One of the other characteristic flaws in the believers is that they convince themselves that they have no control in their lives and they cannot change their so-called prewritten fate. They accept every prediction regardless of what their zodiac sign says. For instance just because their daily horoscope says it is not going to be a good day in school for a specific zodiac sign, some people with that zodiac sign tend to choose not to go to school that day.

This is an another example of how harmful believing in horoscopes excessively can be.

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They can even prevent people getting their education. In India, a large quantity of people choose their wives and husbands according to their matching zodiac sign and this tradition is called kundali-matching marriages. Indians think that horoscope matching marriages are essential for having a happy marriage.

What’s wrong with practicing astrology?

One other bad influence on people in the kundali-matched marriages, the groom and the bride, meeting with each other for the first time at the wedding day. They can not know each other before marriage in order to have a happy marriage. Would not it be better if the circumstances were opposite? The planets and signs combine with other elements, such as houses and angles, to form a complex and often very specific profile of a subject's personality, life and future prospects.

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There is no single unified theory or practice of astrology. Ancient cultures all practiced their own forms, some of which combined and evolved into today's common western astrology.

Eastern cultures continue to practice their own forms of astrology: Chinese, Vedic and Tibetan astrology are among the most well-known. Even within western astrology, there is a considerable diversity of methods and philosophies. Some divide astrology by the end result that is intended:.

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For more information on horoscopes and astrology, see How Horoscopes Work. Burk, Kevin. Astrology: Understanding the birth chart.

whats the harm astrology Whats the harm astrology
whats the harm astrology Whats the harm astrology
whats the harm astrology Whats the harm astrology
whats the harm astrology Whats the harm astrology
whats the harm astrology Whats the harm astrology
whats the harm astrology Whats the harm astrology

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