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Gemini is going to be one you will never forget and your attitude towards life will evolve in the most special way. You can look forward to a year full of possibilities in that Gemini horoscope will reveal in great detail; your yearly horoscope awaits! Gemini horoscope: Gemini horoscope: Gemini Yearly horoscope astrology insights by month Gemini yearly video predictions: Gemini horoscope Make your dreams come true! Gemini horoscope Gemini, discover your love destiny in !

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Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Last name. First name. Yearly predictions ratings:. Gemini Gemini love horoscope Gemini career horoscope:. Gemini compatibility in Best month:. Worst month:. What's in store for Gemini? Astrology rating:. Things are heating up in love! Your toughest month Focus on your relationships.

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It is recommended to put yourself back to work as soon as you realize that you are falling out of track. It is essential to avoid slipping from the right path. At the end of the month, situation will again start improving. When all the three planets, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will retrograde in the month of September, you will get desired results.

Students will be diverted from their studies. The year is looking average for Gemini people for education purpose. Those who are preparing for government jobs or for other competitive exams may find it difficult to clear the exams. Students who are trying to go abroad for higher studies may successfully get registered during the months of March to July. The lord of your fourth house is Mercury also your second house is aspected by planet Saturn from 8th house. It may create hurdles for you. Your family life will be good during the initial months. However, as soon as Saturn transits into your 8th house, it may start giving you trouble at family front.

Also, there may be a lack of peace due to the affliction of your fourth house with many planets. In the month of February and March, you may go on a pilgrimage or visit places of religious importance with your father or family. During the months of March-June, there is a possibility of the birth of a baby in your family.

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Meanwhile, you need to take care of the environment at your house, quarrel between family members is possible. Handle the situation intelligibly. There could be someone conspiring against you. You need to be very careful during this period. In the month of September, you may receive some gains from your family. During October-November, you may get a relief from unhappiness spread across. You may enjoy quality time with your family. There is also a possibility of any Manglik Karya taking place at your home during the first few months of the year.

Then similar combinations can be seen between June and October. Since Saturn aspects your 2nd house, you need to pay attention to everything happening in your family and the health of family members.

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According to Gemini Astrology , your year will start with some arguments and fights with your spouse. However, it will not last long due to the placement of Jupiter in its own sign.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

It will bring harmony for sure. During the year, Jupiter will remain in your 7th house except for a few months in the mid. You and your spouse may visit religious places. You both would get enough time to romance with each other. You will enjoy a good married life till March. Thereafter, you need to avoid arguments with your spouse. It may decline during this period due to Saturn Mars conjunction in 8th house with 7th house lord Jupiter.

The later part of the year, particularly the months of August-November will be good for your married life. Your feelings for your spouse will be intensified during November-December. If you are looking for a life partner, this year you may meet the love of your life. This year is also good for marriage perspective, especially in the second half of the year. Newly married couples may expect the birth of a child in between March-June or later in the months of November-December. Overall this year is good for marriage perspective. Read Upay: Importance of Astrological Remedies.

The first half of the year may not be very favourable for love matters, whereas, the second half is little better. During the first half, Jupiter the lord of your 7th house is badly affected by malefic planets. However, it being posited in its own sign may not do much damage. He moves from Capricorn where he was all last year into Aquarius.

He will be in Aquarius for the entire year ahead beginning from January 7. Last year you but singles especially were very conservative in love.

Health according to Gemini Horoscope 2020

You almost disbelieved in the notion of romantic love. Love was something practical: a job, a career move, a duty, a responsibility. You felt that if you found the right person, you could learn to love him or her. You gravitated to older, more established people — people above you in status.

You were cautious in love, slow to fall in love. Material support and the sexual chemistry were the primal attractions for you.

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This year we see some changes. We still see you as being status conscious in love — you still see it as a career move — but you want more equality in the relationship.

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You want a friend as well as a lover. This year, you seem quicker to fall in love — less afraid.

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