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As Mr. Comey pointed out, Mr. Trump sees himself as a higher power.

I am certain of the healing power inherent in that compassionate reality. Expect to feel an undeniable need to break free from whatever you know or imagine holds you hostage to habits and patterns that no longer serve.


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Uranus, the Grand Master of innovation, emits a clarion call for freedom this week, and the power of its revolutionary voice is impossible to resist. Significantly these beneficial interactions—all trines—produce a super-charged potential to cut through all the red tape that holds outdated structures in place. So expect revolutionary urges to be motivated by a desire to facilitate change quickly and efficiently, in an organized manner. Uranus also trines Venus and Mars, both already in Virgo and traveling in tandem for the rest of the month.

What would life be without a little romance? No matter how these Uranian interactions play out in your life, anticipate that some, if not most, will manifest in surprising, unusual ways.

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I am not suggesting that the key to aligning with the sky is choosing the wackiest idea. It would be wise to consider that although roads not previously taken could provide innovative solutions, not every innovation is born of eccentricity, and as we well know, most inventions are born of necessity. They also have the power to turn a hedonist into a philosopher or a comedian. This trine only lasts until Sunday, so make the most of it while you can. But Uranus is the planet of surprising plot twists and sudden reversals of fortune, which means that more stories of abuses of power are likely to be told.

Even if it seems impossible, we will eventually heal from the toxicity of this time. We must work together every day to transform our compassion into action.

Despite all the efforts of despots around the world, there are more people of conscience and good intentions than there are those committed to cruelty and violence. We can make a difference and turn the tides but we need to be united and mobilized into action. How to be an activist and answer the call to action while managing the demands of daily life is a question many of us are trying to answer.

Leo is where we take heart. The Sun in Leo is conjunct Venus, also in Leo, and they travel in tandem until the end of the month. Mars, also in Leo until August 18, intensifies the willingness to take a stand for those values, and the entire Leo package fuels a generous spirit.

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Obviously, not every Leo impulse is altruistic—you just have to look at Mr. When Leo is happy, it wants to share that joy with others. So attune to that higher aspect of Leo and feel a connection with your fellow travelers, most of whom only want the best for everyone. Mercury is the planet taking notes.

The Saturn Pluto Conjunction: start of the New World Order

It symbolizes all things mental, from thought processes to language. Also be prepared for lots of people to take up unconventional ideas about how to effectuate change. The good news is that this square has the potential to problem-solve, especially when it comes to situations that seem unsolvable. Jupiter Direct fuels the action. Consider these next two weeks prime time for organizing demonstrations, even if those calls to action are scheduled to take place in September or October.

As spiritual warriors we know that thoughts and prayers matter to an extent, but that actions speak far louder than words or wishes. Our collective fate does not rest in the hands of the government. It rests in our hands and in our ability to create a new reality from inside-out and from the ground up. There are local elections to win and there are elections to take back the Senate. Get to work, sky-watchers! As that stress combines with several other key interactions, you can expect the weekend and the days that follow to be a mess.

You might want to consider laying low and just taking a break if you can. Expect exuberance to be high, but also anticipate feeling a bump in the ethers. Anticipate feeling a bit scrambled or at odds with yourself and with significant or insignificant others. How do I write about the good news when there is just so much bad news? As I write this, the reports of two mass shootings are streaming through my computer, streaming the heartbreak of this violence everywhere.

And even if I can manage to find a glimmer of hope, will it be enough to lift the spirit and restore a sense of balance? But because the stars are positive this week, the question is: How do we take heart in the midst of such adversity, with so little positive, tangible relief? In the healing world, the rule of thumb is to follow your feelings, which will eventually lead you to a greater understanding; awareness diminishes impulsive, habitual reactions and helps to transform them into thoughtful responses.

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The trouble with feelings is that they can often deceive us, especially when they are based on old survival patterns and defense mechanisms. Hence the advice to stay with them before taking action.

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The appropriate response to outrageous acts of violence is outrage—but not through more violence. Another friend, a Tibetan nun who is also a psychologist, reminded me that we are in the midst of a huge collective trauma, suffering from collective PTSD, which only exacerbates individual suffering. He is a racist, determined to pit us against each other, making it harder to unite against him and his minions; he is also a misogynist who only values women as objects in his narcissistic system; and he is an addict, but instead of being drunk on alcohol or drugs as far as we know , he is drunk on power.

He is familiar to us all in one or more of these guises, and his very presence triggers previous patterns of suffering.

Millions and millions of people have dealt with these patterns personally and have healed from the toxic effect of abuse and addiction, but few of us were ready to cope with this bloated, poisonous collective id made manifest. The reckless hatred Mr. Trump has let loose during the last several years has retriggered the despair of many of our fellow travelers who thought they were healed and freed from patterns of abuse and addiction.

Since Mr. Trump began his rise to power, and through his term in office, they have struggled and continue to struggle to regain their healing ground. But each and every time another shooting takes place, we are all triggered—we are all reminded of just how much more work is necessary before we can right our collective ship. And right it we must.

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In the last many decades, we have expanded our understanding of what it is to be human and gained great healing ground through that awareness. We must pool our collective determination to evolve rather than devolve. If you want to be safely away from the detours and delays of this retrograde, try to wait until August 4 or 5 to put any new plans or projects in motion.

While it might require patience to wait out these next few days, it will be worth the discipline to get back on track the first week in August. Jupiter is the next biggest and bestest news of the week. Its influence is at its peak in Sagittarius, and given the gloomy political climate, a little over-the-top positive excess would be a welcome relief. But Jupiter is already busy trining the Sun, also in Leo, and that positive interaction generates a convivial, optimistic, and generous atmosphere that is certain to bolster a sense of goodwill.

On Monday, August 5, Venus, also in Leo, moves into a trine with Jupiter, stoking the urge to take a chance on love. Yes, the planet of surprising plot twists begins its review of the havoc—social, political, and spiritual—of the last nearly eight months. As many long-term readers know, when Uranus changes direction, the routines of daily life resonate with a Mercury Retrograde signature, especially when it comes to technology.

That week is certain to be chaotic. If ever there was a time for kindness, it would be now, and in the days, weeks, and months that lie ahead. Mercury Retrograde lingers for another week it goes direct on July 31 and the summer slog continues as regular routines are sabotaged by incessant techno and travel snafus, travails that could challenge even the most dedicated meditation practitioner. Only seven more days till the end of this retrograde phase and its concentration on details, details, and more details. What I mind is the heat.

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We just have to figure out and implement positive action to counter the roiling negativity. Today, tomorrow, and Friday are probably the testiest days of the week. Today the Moon begins its transit through Taurus with a conjunction to Uranus, fueling impulsive behavior and the need to break free from what whatever constrains personal freedom. Try to keep your head for the next couple of days; it will help you to avoid getting swept away by the waves of emotion that are sure to pound on the shores of reality, personal and collective.

Interestingly, Mr. It will be fascinating, as Spock might say, to see whose tempers ignite a firestorm. Any cynicism about Mr. Jupiter in Sagittarius symbolizes the power of ideals and a love for justice. Both are in Fire Signs, which means the light of their ideals burns brightly. I may not like the FBI, but I do know that most of the people who are called to serve at that agency love their country and treasure its principles.

The other burning issue this week is climate change.

5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
5 planet alignment january 2020 astrology

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