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What Does the Monkey Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2020

Monkey is Yang and this demonstrates their active, outward take on life, using their inner genius to make their mark on the world. Their competitive streak can get out of hand and they may resort to questionable methods in their desire to win. If they succeed in banishing their ego or reining it in, they become gracious losers and are happy to pat their rivals on the back, congratulating them on a job well done.

The best way to coax this side out of a Monkey is to show a degree of humility yourself. Though Monkeys are the great tricksters of the Zodiac, they admire these qualities in others and will be sufficiently humbled enough to recognize their own ego may have been getting out of hand.

Monkey Horoscope 2019 Predictions

Chinese Zodiac Monkeys tend to have thick skins; insults and reprimands have very little effect on them. The Monkey is not an overly sensitive sign, but an analytical one. Anyone attempting to hurl insults at them in an effort to hurt them will be doubly frustrated when they bounce off the Monkey, and more so if the Monkey simply laughs at them.

For the confident and competent Monkey, the only reason anyone would say such nasty things about them is out of jealousy, pure and simple!

Chinese Zodiac: The Monkey

Hence, they find such outbursts humorous. Monkeys do not rush into things. They calculate their movements carefully, using a combination of guile, charm and intelligence. They are great diplomats and thus make excellent business people and politicians. At the same time, however, they enjoy imagining scenarios where they have reached the height of their achievement and all the benefits that come with it, however outlandish this may be. But for the Monkey, these are not merely fanciful whims, but a very real outcome if they use all their powers of innovation and integrity to work towards the greater goal.

Highly sociable characters, Monkeys make excellent companions and can be a true joy to spend time with. Monkeys of the Chinese Zodiac actually seem to have a twinkle in their eye and a rather cheeky look about them; they are the ultimate wind-up merchants who love playing pranks and though they have been known to cross a line or two at times, what usually happens is that the poor pranked person ends up laughing along with them!

Monkeys truly are magical members of the Zodiac. Some patience may be necessary with the wily Monkey, but in terms of sheer entertainment and astounding innovation, Monkeys are second to none! The Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac stands out in the crowd.

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Monkeys may not always be beautiful in the classical sense, but their incredible charm usually has others believing they are anyway. Monkey males use their unique intelligence and oodles of charm to attract mates. Hence, a date with a Chinese Zodiac Monkey can actually be more of a job interview, though the potential mate may not fully grasp this until afterwards. Female Monkeys are usually the life and soul of the party with a gaggle of friends and admirers surrounding them.

Male Monkey in Love

The female Monkey will never be short of admirers. If her affections are not returned, she will use all her powers of guile and charm to change the situation, and can spend years in the passion of pursuit. Monkeys are ardent and passionate lovers and life is rarely dull with them around. The best partner for any Chinese Zodiac Monkey is one who understands their cheeky, fun-loving ways, but still knows how to draw the line when they allow their wily tendencies to run away with them.

Monkey 12222 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

The Dragon and Monkey make a fantastic pair. They will both work hard to achieve their goals and simultaneously boost one another along the way. Similarly, the Rat and Monkey make an excellent pair. The Monkey is advised against pairing off with a Tiger. In the Circle of Conflict, these two animals stand opposite one another demonstrating their irreconcilable differences. Unless there is an ascendant-friendly animal such as a Monkey having a Tiger ascendant and vice versa this match can result in flaming rows and terrible misunderstandings. The Tiger is a sensitive creature, quick to anger, and does not appreciate being the butt of the joke.

The Monkey enjoys making everyone and everything the butt of the joke, especially the highly sensitive feline. This match is ill-advised. Being of a highly versatile nature, the Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac can fit into any job and perform extremely well. Their gifts of sociability and aptitude are much appreciated in any company and they often receive the approval of their peers and those in a higher position of authority.

Chinese Horoscope 2020 – Year of the Metal Rat

Their magician-like qualities make them excellent actors so the center stage would be the perfect role for them. As they are also good at building bridges and keeping things light and jolly, they also make terrific diplomats. Monkeys are wonderful at making people like them, and for this reason, they are in high demand when it comes to all types of jobs and careers. They also make very good stockbrokers, lawyers and teachers. This could benefit you, or it could get you into trouble.

Make sure that you use your creativity when it is wanted, not when it just makes things harder. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Also, try to maintain a good relationship with your superior and your co-workers in this year of the rat. This will make your career work much more smoothly than if you were making enemies around the office. Try to balance your work and home life. While you are at home, it is a great idea to try to work on your hobbies that also make you money. Test Now!

Monkey, your health should be relatively stable this year as well. If you have any pre-existing conditions, then treat these before you do anything else. If you are already healthy, then try to improve yourself in small ways: try dieting, working out more, or just getting some more sleep.

All of these small things can have a big impact on your health. January is a time when you will have to overcome problems that have been carried forward from the previous months. February is better spent learning and improving new skills rather than starting a new venture. March will come with its share of lucky chances. Be it love or career, be sure to make the most out of it.

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  8. April is a period when you need to be careful of untoward happenings. Be prepared to face a few challenges. May is when you need to stay prepared for the worst though it might not be necessary. June is a month of good and positive changes. Just keep working hard, and everything will turn out well. July is when the Chinese monkey sign needs to be on the front foot. You need to take the initiative to go after your goals. August is a month when you might be upset with what people are talking about you. This is not a month to worry about such petty issues. September will come with its share of happiness and challenges.

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    But you are not one to stop and will forge ahead. October is a month for love and romance. Improve your relations with your spouse, children, and parents. November is a blissful month for you in love, career, and finances. You can just put up your feet and relax. December is a period of confusion and misunderstandings. Better to take it slow and easy.

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