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As stated above, the pole shift actually alternates between 20 sunspot cycles at 3, years or 19 at 3, years. This actually produces a much better fit with the precession numbers, as we shall see in a moment. We will demonstrate very soon that this same exact cycle of 1,, days was known and watched by the Maya. The Maya wanted to be good and ready for it. It suggests a larger force of energy that is operating on, or through, the entire solar system. Sunspots are usually considered to be nothing more than magnetic disturbances, but Cotterell ties in the energy particles emanating from the sun to astrology, believing that the changing solar particles themselves have an effect on humans.

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This includes the degree of Carbon 14 radiation seen in tree rings year by year, the average yearly temperatures of the European climate, the severity of northern European winters, the advance and retreat of alpine glaciers, and, amazingly, the rise and fall of civilizations. It seemed that as the levels of C14 radiation decreased, the sunspot activity increased proportionally, and during these periods,. In fact, the growth and development of human civilizations as a whole.

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This hyper-dimensional increase reaches its full breaking point at the moment of Ascension, when we fully enter into an area of higher aetheric density and a faster relative speed of light. Cotterell likewise explains personal astrology in this solar radiation-based model. This does appear to have profound implications for Sun-sign astrology, or the basic effect that being born in a certain sign, or a certain month in the year, has on the personality.

Cotterell shows that the Sun has two basic magnetic fields, one of which essentially divides the sun lengthwise, like a pie, into four equal quadrants. Cotterell did not point out the geometry in this. Cotterell goes on to show a perfect correlation between the positive ion streamings and extroversion, or outgoing personalities, and similarly, negative ions and introversion, or personalities more drawn into themselves.

Jeff Mayo was an astrologer who collaborated with Dr.

The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization

Cotterell also warns us about the effect that sunspots have on our electrical, gravitational and radio systems. In Mayan Prophecies, he discusses a huge solar flare spewing X-rays that was witnessed on March 5, , lasting for minutes. Scientists from the Geological Survey Group in Edinburgh believed it to be the largest event of its kind in the 20th century, overloading the sensors they used to observe it.

Cotterell indicates that sunspots were seen at the site of the flare shortly afterwards, showing a clear link between the two solar events. But what followed was even more interesting. Three days later, on March 8, the sun began emitting a very large stream of protons, or positively charged particles. This event directly led to sightings of aurora borealis in very uncommon areas much farther south than normal, massive power surges that destroyed power grids in Canada and caused widespread damage, and a total scattering of radio waves, knocking out satellite communications.

And now, in the present moment, growing contingents of astrophysicists are predicting major failures in our communication systems, surrounding the year , right during and after the time when this book will be published.

Maurice Cotterell: Future Science, The Cycles of the Sun & 2012

The typical year sunspot cycle reaches its peak in , and based on current observations, we can expect some very serious solar effects as a result. We have already seen these effects occurring to larger degrees, including the shutdown of the Galaxy 4 satellite, which resulted in the widespread failures of pagers all across the United States. The energy should only become more and more intense as we go along.

So, with our brief overview of something Cotterell explains in much greater detail, we are starting to see a previously undiscovered law of nature at work. First of all, we have clearly seen the octahedral geometry at work in the positive and negative ion streamings emerging from the Sun, thus once again showing us these forces at work in the Solar System on a large scale. With these higher points of progress must also come greater creativity, intuition and insight, those very human traits necessary to bring about massive social change.

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There would obviously be a correlation with major advances in society and major personal advances in individuals. Spiritual growth is the founder of insight, inspiration and motivation, the breath of the Divine moving upon the still waters of the human psyche. Humanity is passing into the fourth density.

So we can now demonstrate that the output of energy from the Sun is directly linked with spiritual advances in humans. What we are postulating here is that there is a very good reason why the sunspots and the precession coincide; both of them represent the larger, multidimensional cycle alluded to by Cayce and Ra.

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This cycle is very mysterious, and we will continue to see through the course of this book that its purpose is to set a schedule for the ultimate spiritual advancements — Dimensional Shifts, the stuff of pure alchemy; changing matter from one vibratory phase to another. Interestingly, many authors including Graham Hancock, who wrote Fingerprints of the Gods, insist that the ancients knew of this grand cycle and did everything they could to preserve the information in order to warn us. Warn us, you ask?

Indeed, the last three major recognized polar displacements were roughly 84,, 50, and 12, years ago, as seen on pg. While the first number is not exact, we can see the close correlations. This is a necessary part of the functioning mechanism of this dimensional transition that Ra and Cayce were referring to. Even though the Atlanteans did not make it through a similar shift, we cannot automatically assume that we have been given a death sentence.

If it is true that the Sun is leading us through an unprecedented degree of change, we should expect all sorts of anomalies occurring in the Sun, as well as in the Earth itself. Much of this sort of data can be found in the work of professional geologist and metaphysical researcher Gregg Braden, Awakening to Zero Point, also available from Laura Lee Publications. So, let us cite a few examples of these anomalies. What is even more interesting is that this core assumes the precise shape of a dodecahedron! So far we have not been able to find an image on the Internet to go along with the information, as this obviously is not being publicized — too many people would start asking too many questions.

However, as of mid it was down to 0. This value is represented in hertz. This heartbeat was important enough to the proper functioning of our bodies that it was incorporated into space travel for astronauts. At the time he produced the Awakening to Zero Point video in , it was measuring at 8. Most people are well aware that the Magnetic North is offset significantly from the Rotational North. However, we never stop and realize how strange and in some ways unsettling this really is.

Furthermore, we now know that this is changing faster than ever before. Indeed, within just the last few years, the Magnetic North has been moving so fast that airport runways have to be completely redrawn in order to provide safe landings for the pilots. As everyone knows, the main navigational instrument for air travel is a compass, which measures the location of Magnetic North. Now that it is changing, serious and costly adjustments are being made at airports all over the world.

These facts alone suggest that the Earth is destabilizing in a rapid format. The gravitational field is losing strength very rapidly, meaning that gravity is not balanced. This was also predicted in the Law of One series back in , through the following quote, which is also reproduced here in Chapter Two:.

This [planetary movement into fourth-density] is going to occur with some inconvenience, as we have said before, due to the energies of the thought-forms of your peoples which disturb the orderly constructs of energy patterns within your Earth spirals of energy which increases entropy and unusable heat. This is the planetary adjustment. So, according to sources like Ra and the work of Gregg Braden, the current position that we hold in space is no longer going to hold us; the Earth will have to make an adjustment in order to right itself.

Braden explains that at every time in the previous historical record when the magnetic field strength has decreased and the gravity pulsations have increased, a polar shift has been the result. This in itself suggests a more complex interplay of forces in the Earth than we had ascribed to it before.

Maurice Cotterell Super Gods, Sunspot Cycles, & Future Science

What is more important is that this same study also revealed that this fast-moving inner dodecahedron has already significantly displaced itself from the angle of rotation for the outside of the Earth! In other words, the inner magnetic poles of the Earth have already shifted, and are now on a separate angle of tilt! Thus, the inner core of the Earth could very well be setting a precedent for the future position of the outside as well.

As we move towards this new position, Magnetic North continues to drift more and more quickly in that direction, before the big, groaning adjustment actually takes place. There are repeated references in the Readings to some major Earth Change event that would take place in Again, Ra says that this movement should be approximately 20 degrees.

True to form, the spherical mass of gravity will become more regularized as a constant in the approaching months and years. In order to do this, it has to renew and revivify the connection to the instreaming fourth density positive solar energy. This comes about indirectly through the polarity of the inhabitants, and more directly through the inevitable realignment of the global grid itself.

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This aspect of change is not necessarily malleable, although with the harmony of the inhabitants, it can be met at a much slower speed, hence much less disastrous. But again, we are not dealing only with a phenomenon in the Earth; we are talking about a Solar Cycle as well. The data from the Sun also suggests that an epic change is on the way. These increases are so profound that they have often ended up being completely off the scale of the measuring equipment that our scientists had built to observe them. The SOHO satellite has been our main connection to observing these phenomena, and in it went down at least twice, ostensibly due to the increasing irregularity of the Solar radiation.

Enter the Mayan Calendar, a mysterious measurement system that was discovered carved into a giant stone disc in Mesoamerica. The Mayan Calendar was quite inexplicable to those who found it, as it meticulously charted a 1,,day cycle, and at first no one could figure out why. The cycle was broken up into varying units of length, each with a separate name. So, the final structure of the Mayan Calendar was then comprised of 13 baktuns of 20 katuns each, leading us to a total of 1,, days, or almost precisely 5, years.

Right away, the harmonic, Gematrian quality to these numbers should be very easily visible. Do we then assume that the Mayans were aware of the precession? If so, why did they chart it out so meticulously, and why only one-fifth of the entire period of time? Now this should certainly raise a lot of attention! How can our current models of history possibly explain something like this? As we have said, it was clear that the Maya had a vested interest in keeping their eye on this cycle, as it would lead to inevitable cataclysmic activities on Earth.

maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology
maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology
maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology
maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology
maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology
maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology
maurice cotterell astrology Maurice cotterell astrology

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